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Meet local London singles for a dinner date or lunch date.

There are single people near you in London who share your love of food and are looking for a dinner-date partner to join them in a local restaurant. Enjoy eating mouthwatering food from an exciting menu with new partner, or start a romantic liaison over a candle-lit dinner. It’s easy to find someone to go out with, either for food or for a drink on Gourmet Dating.

It’s completely free to join Gourmet Dating and you can be sure it’s safe and friendly. Professional singles find it easy to find dining partners and to arrange a no-strings evening of friendly dating in London.

Meet local London Singles

Browse Gourmet Dating now and check who’s free to join you for a meal out. When you find someone you’d like to dine with, take some time to agree on the best kind of location – a casual cafe, or high class restaurant or something in between. Wherever you choose it must suit each others expectations, so that you both feel comfortable. Decide on lunch or dinner, or consider if you want to have your first date with another couple coming along too, if safety is important to you.

A delicate subject is how to pay for dinner. Most people share the cost, but it can be difficult to bring up the “who pays” question. Often it’s best to wait until the meal comes to a close.

There are some amazing places to eat in London. See our reviews in the “Dining Out” section.

Try Tripadvisor to compare London restaurants and choose the best eatery.

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It’s time to get more life out of your life. Get out and about – meet some fantastic new people and plan your future whilst enjoying good food.

Join Gourmet Dating and get to meet like-minded food-loving singles near you.


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Success Stories
We were both on Gourmet Dating and at first it seemed unbelievable that we lived just a mile from each other. That gave us plenty to talk about because we both were familiar with local places and knew the same restaurants. We agreed that our dating would be just a friends thing - just someone to go out with, as we were both recovering from relationships that had gone wrong. Our first date was 6 months ago and we kept to our word, but as the weekly meals out became better and better we realised that we were going to be friends forever. The passion we shared for food helped us to build what I think is an amazing relationship and I wouldn't change this for the world.
Briony & Tom - Hastings


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